• Pinoy Pamilya Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines


  • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines


  • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines


  • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines


Pinoy Pamilya Hotel - Why Book Direct?

Why Book Direct?

Stop clicking around all over the internet to find the best deals for our rooms at Pinoy Pamilya Hotel. By booking direct with us, you’ll get to enjoy these perks that you can’t find elsewhere.


Found a lower rate for our rooms in other websites? Show us and we’ll match it as long as the rate is still bookable.


Unparalleled rates, packages, and freebies available for all online and offline bookings


You have the option to book a room through social media, the website, email, phone, text, and even Viber.


Easy cancellation and modification for all online and offline bookings


No prepayment is required, except for special book-and-buy rates


You can reach us all day via our website, phone, email, and Viber.

  • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel is owned and managed by Legend Hotels International Corporation.
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  • Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

    Pinoy Pamilya Hotel will make available the best guest room price for the hotel (the "Best Price Guarantee"). "Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Website" are the websites owned or operated by or on behalf of Pinoy Pamilya Hotel bearing the logo and branding of Pinoy Pamilya Hotel.

    In the unlikely event that a lower price at Pinoy Pamilya Hotel is made available on a non-Pinoy Pamilya Hotel website (the "Competing Price"), upon its receipt of a claim that satisfies these Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions (the "BPG Terms"), Pinoy Pamilya Hotel will honor that Competing Price and provide the individual that submitted the valid claim one of the following: (1) an additional 10% discount off the Competing Price per room per night; or (2) a voucher that the guest can use during their stay, the amount of the voucher will be equal to the difference between the original reservation rate and the competing price.

    Terms and Conditions

    • For a claim to be eligible under the Best Price Guarantee:
      • The claim must be submitted prior to, or within 24 hours after, making a reservation through a Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Website, and at least 24 hours before the standard check-in time at Pinoy Pamilya Hotel.
      • The claim must include:
        • Booking Confirmation Number
        • Full Name on the reservation
        • Lower rate found (with currency)
        • Room type/ Rate plan (i.e Deluxe Room with Buffet Breakfast)
        • Url of the website where the lower price was found
        • Reservation date
        • Stay dates
      • A claim may be rejected by Pinoy Pamilya Hotel if it is incomplete or concerns a non-Pinoy Pamilya Hotel website.

      PLEASE NOTE: You don't need to make a booking on the competitor website, just email the complete details of your claim to [email protected]. We will get in touch with you within 48 hours from the receipt of the claim to verify its validity.

    • For the Competing Price to be valid, it must be a currently available lower published online room price for , the same stay dates, the same number of guests, the same room type, with a similar view and room size, and include similar or additional value-added amenities (e.g., free breakfast).
      • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel will compare the total room cost of a stay, and multiple claims for a stay consisting of two or more nights in the same week at the same Pinoy Pamilya Hotel.
      • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel will convert any Competing Price offered in a different currency than the price made available through the Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Website, and may deny claims where it determines that the difference between the price is due to exchange rate fluctuations.
      • Taxes, Surcharges, Booking fees, extra adult fees, fees for children, rollaway charges will be included in the price comparison.
      • The estimated value of value-added amenities (e.g.,free breakfast, use of Wifi, vouchers) offered as part of a Competing Price will be excluded from the price comparison, and will not be provided by Pinoy Pamilya Hotel when honoring a lower price.
      • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel may deny claims where the difference between the Competing Price and the price on the Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Website is less than one percent.
    • The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to:
      • Unpublished or negotiated prices (e.g., corporate discount rates, group rates, meeting rates);
      • Rates requiring membership in a club or other organization, offered pursuant to direct mail or email solicitations, requiring discount codes or coupons, or otherwise not intended for the general public;
      • Package prices (e.g., prices that include a combination of a room and airfare, an overnight cruise, car rental);
      • Prices offered by opaque providers (e.g., Hotwire, Priceline) that do not provide the name or location of the hotel until after a reservation has been made; and
      • Prices offered on on-request websites that do not provide immediate hotel confirmations (e.g., Asiaweb).
    • The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to existing reservations that are not booked through a Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Website, and Pinoy Pamilya Hotel is not responsible for any fees associated with cancelling a reservation made through a different channel (e.g., a call center, a non-Pinoy Pamilya Hotel website).
    • If a valid Best Price Guarantee claim is submitted without an existing reservation, the individual making the valid claim will be contacted by Pinoy Pamilya Hotel and must make a reservation in the manner communicated by Pinoy Pamilya Hotel within 24 hours from receipt of the communication or local check-in time at Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Hotel. Failure to make a reservation in the required time period will invalidate the claim.
    • The Best Price Guarantee will be suspended during times where the Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Websites or certain prices are not available due to an outage, a technical issue or a circumstance beyond Pinoy Pamilya Hotel's reasonable control.
    • A Best Price Guarantee reward will only be provided if the individual making the valid claim stays in the reserved guest room.
    • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim and will not review documentation provided by the individual submitting a claim as part of its validation process. Pinoy Pamilya Hotel reserves the right to deny a claim, if it cannot independently verify the availability of a Competing Price at the time it processes the claim.
    • Pinoy Pamilya Hotel may at any time and without notice terminate or restrict a person's ability to submit a claim under or otherwise benefit from the Best Price Guarantee, if in its sole discretion Pinoy Pamilya Hotel determines that such person has: (1) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws or ordinances; (2) acted in a fraudulent or abusive manner, (3) submitted multiple invalid Best Price Guarantee claims; (4) failed to stay at Pinoy Pamilya Hotel Hotels after receiving approved Best Price Guarantee Claims; or (5) breached any of these BPG Terms.
    • Any disputes arising out of or related to the Best Price Guarantee or these BPG Terms shall be handled individually without any class action, and shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of .
    • Void where prohibited by law. Pinoy Pamilya Hotel reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue the Best Price Guarantee or these BPG Terms at anytime in its sole discretion and without prior notice.